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Posted by Makayla Yokley on October 14, 2015 at 6:20 PM

For most of my life I wrote my novels on a computer. A desktop computer, laptop, and a tablet to a lesser extent. My wrists and fingers are trained to search out the keys and sometimes I can manage to do it without even looking. The only time I didn't write by hand was when I didn't have an oppertunity. When I was in high school I wrote bits and pieces in notebooks during class and would transfer them over when I got home. Before I became unemployed I did the same thing at my job, writing during my lunch hour on the days they extended my hours and I qualified for break time (it was a part-time gig, so I usually only worked four hours. But when they had me on Sundays I worked a lot longer, meaning I got a break), and when I took my college classes I still remember myself sitting in the back of my American Literature class with a fat five subject notebook in front of me while I wrote. But, more often than not, I typed up my stories. 

Lately I've been wondering if there's any stock in writing by hand. We all know a lot of the old masters did it (though to be honest that was due to a lack of any other option, but lets just skip over that . . . ) and even some of the newest of us say they've written a lot by hand. I just read an article about another writer doing it, and part of me wonders if the success they had will apply to me as well. The author mentioned how the act of writing it down gave them an oppertunity to choose their words more carefully, and that it goes through another bought of mental editing when they type it up on their computers. 

I've written by hand before, as I mentioned. Sometimes it's the exact thing I need to unclog the creative pipes in my brain and figure out things I never would've seen when left with alone with the blinking curser on my laptop and about a thousand pages of internet to distract me. I don't know what it is about writing by hand. I think I read somewhere once that it stimulates another part of your brain and helps you find another perspective. Especially if you write in cursive. Cursive writing is like painting or drawing. It causes another part of your brain to react when it would otherwise stay asleep while you wrote. 

So I've made the decision to write something by hand, alongside typing up another project I've been so enthralled with lately. I want to see if it makes a difference. I want to see if it truely does help move along the project I'm writing by hand but also if it makes the typed up one flow any easier now that I've hit a block. 

After a while I'll do updates on if its made any difference, if the writing is better or worse or unchanged after having been handwritten, if it helped the typed project at all, and just about anything else that has anything to do with the subject. 

Stay tuned! 

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