Bad Day

Posted by Makayla Yokley on January 15, 2015 at 3:10 PM

I didn't update last night because it was, like, two thirty in the morning when I finished working so I decided I could just do last night's update today! To be honest we're glad we even have an update at all. The reason I was up so late was because it took that long to do anything substantial. So anyway! Here's the update on "The Scavenger," my post-apocalyptic steampunk novel!

Project: The Scavenger 

Words Written Today: 3697!

Total Words: 25417



Story Achievements
: Character development (our youngest main character is shown to be wise beyond her years) and the main plot has begun! More characters have been introduced, and while doing that I've hammered out the rest of the plot beyond "The Scavenger," and I'm super happy with it! A little part of me died of excitement when everything fell into place!

Real-Life Achievements: I'm not sure it counts as "acheivements" if most of my day was actually pretty bad, but it's all I've got today. The lightbulb by my desk burned out so my writing space is dark (and I'm SUPER supersticious so that threw off the balance of what's been working for me so far writing-wise), I had to fight for a lot of those 3697 words I wrote, I was victim to every little stupid emotion that decided to hit me today for no valid reason, and I burned my fingers on my coffee cup because I put hand lotion on before I went and made it and the handle was slipping.

Normally I hate writing negative things and putting it out there for the world to see. Frankly, I see these bad things as my problems and I know no one else is probably interested, but sometimes it's nice to vent a little. Especially if all I've got to vent about is superficial stuff like that!

Oh! And my cat came to visit while I worked today!

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